Superb Atami Hot Springs

Atami hot springs, which have been offered to the Tokugawa family since ancient times

Enjoy a blissful time in one of the best hot springs in Japan.

Thrilling rocky shore cuisine

Thrilling rocky shore cuisine

Serve up the season, serve up the season, serve up Ajiro.

Learn the technique from the material and apply the technique to the material

Sea-scented ryokan

Tide colors spreading to the window, with a view that smells of the sea.

Yield your body and soul to the passing of time.

private open-air bath

A bathtub that becomes one with the sea and the sea roar

A luxurious space where only the sea noise echoes in the silence.

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Heizuru Hospitality

About us

The inn boasts a natural open-air bath floating on the sea and fresh seafood dishes. The inn's name was passed down from the fishmonger Hirasawa Tsurukichi's "Hirazuru" in Atami, and in October 1937, Tadaharu I started "Fishmonger Hirazuru" in the center of Ajiro Onsen. Eiichi, the second generation, started "Iso-ryori Hirazuru" in 1974, and in December 1984, started "Iso-ryori, seaside hot spring inn, Hirazuru" at the present location. He is now the third generation.

Open-air bath floating on the sea

We own two of the first hot springs that gushed out in Ajiro Onsen in 1938. The hot spring water is drawn directly from the source 300 meters underground, and the "open-air bath floating on the sea" is a 100% natural hot spring facing Ajiro Bay.

Freshly gushing spring water

Each of the "indoor baths" is poured from a different source, and the source of the indoor baths is particularly popular for its skin beautifying and fatigue-relieving effects. Every night at 11:00 p.m., all the hot water is removed and cleaned, so the baths are extremely clean, and from 5:00 a.m. the next morning, guests can enjoy the first bath.

Carefully selected ingredients directly from the fishing port

Our dishes are prepared with seafood freshly landed at the Ajiro fishing port right in front of our restaurant, and are very popular with our guests.

Superb Atami Hot Springs

Superb hot spring

Atami Onsen Heizuru's natural free-flowing open-air bath

Heizuru's source hot spring

Heizuru's hot springs are located in the Ajiro hot springs area of Atami. The hotel owns two of the first hot springs that sprang up in Ajiro Onsen in 1938, and directly draws hot spring water from 300 meters below the surface of the ground. The transparency and richness of the hot spring water is the best among all the hot springs in Ajiro Onsen. The hot spring water in the large bathroom is poured from different sources into the outdoor (open-air) bath and the indoor bath, and the indoor bath is particularly popular for its skin beautifying and fatigue-relieving effects. The baths are cleaned every night at 11:00 p.m., so they are extremely clean, and guests can enjoy the first bath from 5:00 a.m. the next morning.

Welcome to stop by only for bathing!

During the off-season, we would like many people to experience the exquisite Atami hot springs.

Day-trip hot spring and day-use services are also available.

Relax in the open-air bath with a view at Atami Onsen Heizuru
Shoguns carrying their cargo

One of the best hot springs in Atami in Japan, said to have been loved by Tokugawa Ieyasu

The "history" and "quality" of the springs live up to their fame, as does the "quantity" of hot spring water, which boasts a total gush rate of 16,600 liters per minute. Shizuoka Prefecture is said to have the largest number of hot spring facilities in Japan, most of which are concentrated on the Izu Peninsula, and Atami is the largest hot spring resort on the Izu Peninsula with over 500 springs.

Thrilling rocky shore cuisine

Fresh seafoods

The "Heihatsuru" hot spring bathhouse in Atami started as a branch of the fishmonger Hirasawa Tsurukichi "Heihatsuru" in Atami at the beginning of the Showa period (1926-1989). Heihatsuru is proud of its exuberant rocky shore cuisine and offers the freshest seafood available because it is directly managed by a fishmonger.

Fresh seafood dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients just landed at Ajiro Fishing Port with refined techniques and heart.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the restaurant is open to the general public and day-trip spa guests.

Sea-scented ryokan

A hotel by the sea

Because the national highway runs along the coastline of Atami, inns located on the ocean side of the highway are extremely rare. Our ryokan is located on the ocean side of the national highway, which is rare in Atami, and is not on a hill but right next to the building, making it a truly luxurious ryokan. All guest rooms have a view of Ajiro Bay, and the pleasant sounds of the sea and the scent of the ocean waft in the air, relaxing your body and soul.

Lodging Plans

Staying plan

The accommodation plans at Heizuru feature superb Atami hot springs, dynamic rocky shore cuisine, and guest rooms scented with the sea and the ocean. The dishes offered vary on weekdays and during peak season, so please check the color of the day you plan to stay to see what dishes are available for your stay.

Special plans for Atami Marine Fireworks Festival, including pick-up and drop-off plans and hometown tax payment.

Atami Marine Fireworks Festival


The Atami Marine Fireworks Festival is a historical fireworks display that began in 1952. It is a famous fireworks display in Atami that is held more than 15 times not only in summer but also throughout the year.

Atami Event Information

Event news

Information on events and sightseeing in the Atami area.

Access Map


493 Shimotaga, Atami, Shizuoka 413-0102, Japan
TEL: 0557-67-2221 (switchboard)
FAX: 0557-67-2200
Reservations and inquiries: 8:00 - 21:00

If you use a car
From Tokyo: approx. 70 min.
Tomei Atsugi IC - Odawara Atsugi Road - Route 135 (via Atami)
From Nagoya: approx. 60 min.
Tomei Numazu IC - Mishima - Shimoda Kaido - Atikan Road - Route 135 (via Atami)

By train
5 minutes walk from Amishiro Station on JR Ito Line
Tokaido Shinkansen
Hikari Tokyo Station - 37 min - Atami Station - 12 min - Amishiro Station
Kodama Shinagawa - 39 min - Atami - 12 min - Amishiro
Express Odoriko-go
Tokyo Station - approx. 1 hr. 35 min. - Amishiro (direct limited express)

By bus from Atami Station
Atami Station - 25 min. by bus - Oyama bus stop [bound for Ajiro Asahi-cho
3 minutes walk from Oyama bus stop